Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Sunny days are here again

The last two days of the festival were bright and sunny. In fact, I turned about two shades darker just from sitting and watching the sports day events yesterday.

Three comedy acts performed on the second day of the festival. It brought home to me again how difficult it is to follow a native speaker talking at full speed. My listening skills are pretty good from all the TV I watch, but I could only catch about half of what the comedians were saying.

Today I made myself a fresh batch of tortillas for the first time in over a month...possibly two. It's just too doggone hot during the summer to stay in the kitchen that long with the stove burning. Mmm...fresh tortillas are heavenly. (I seriously wish I knew what exactly Japanese people have against Mexican food. If only they would carry tortillas in the grocery store like any civilized country should...)

I moped around most of the morning because the tech support guys for the calligraphy program threw in the towel. Their last response to me was, "Sorry, our products are only guaranteed for the Japanese version of Windows. But if you kept your receipt, you can return it for a refund."

Then, as a last-ditch effort, I did a web search for information on running Japanese software, and I came up with this page. I already had the language settings in place, and they weren't doing any good, so I tried changing the regional setting to see if it would help...and whaddya know? The calligraphy program started right up.

I promptly emailed the tech support people back and told them the solution. Maybe it will help someone else out someday.

Now I just have to wait around for the census guy to show up. Japan apparently performs a census every five years. The forms are all due today. We don't just mail them in, however...a census representative will show up to collect the forms in person.

I don't even want to know how much manpower it must take to hand-collect the census forms from every household in the country in one day. It means, however, that I have to sit around my house waiting for the guy to show up. (Not that I really have anything better to do...)
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