Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Festival, day 1...aka It's all about the hair

Although we had perfect sunny weather for the two practice days, the first day of the festival dawned rainy and gray.

And, because this is really all about me, I will say that the combination of the conditioner from the hair dye and the humidity from the rain made my hair defy gravity like some random anime chick.

There's not a drop of hair product on there, it's just brush-n-go. Yeesh. I hope it settles down by tomorrow.

I tried to get a shot of my hair color using the timer on my camera, but as I suspected, it's too dark to show up under such lighting conditions.

The inset shows what it looks like when I hold the camera over my head. The flash made a little of the color show. It's much more impressive outdoors on a sunny day.

Anyway, aside from the rain in the morning, the festival went well. I took hundreds of pictures. It's a lot harder to get good shots with a still camera, since I miss whatever's happening while it's processing each picture. That's not even taking into account the number of shots that come out blurry because the subjects are all moving, though that happens when using a videocamera too.

In other news, I polished off the stack of "must read" Japanese novels demanding my attention and turned to some of the English ones my parents brought for me that I had been saving. I have to say, learning a foreign language kinda takes some of the fun out of reading fantasy books with made-up words in them. For example...

Character: "Would you like a cup of sumi?"

Me: You're offering your guests ink?!

Plus the characters were exclaiming "Hai!" all the time, and it messed with my head because it didn't mean "yes."
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