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Time to start thinking about job hunting...and porn

I was going to have a long monologue about the survey of student reading habits done at my school, or the advertisement I received for the census coming up, but instead...

The head of the English department apparently had a meeting with representatives from Ritsumeikan (the foundation taking over my school). According to him, they don't want an ALT. Instead, what they want is a native English speaker with a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) license who will be qualified to give solo lessons rather than team-teach. He hinted that they already have a teacher lined up for the job. He did say that I will probably have a chance to talk to the Ritsumeikan representatives in person, but that their evaluation criteria for the job will be strict.

One of my other team-teachers asked if I would be applying to Ritsumeikan, because she's considering doing so herself. When I relayed the above information to her, she was quite dismayed. She likes having an ALT more than teaching it means the JTEs will most likely be restricted to teaching reading or grammar while the native speaker is put in charge of oral communication, but she enjoys teaching oral communication.

In any this point, it looks like my prospects for staying here beyond the end of the current school year are slim. I will, however, continue to post updates as things unfold. Who knows? Maybe the interviewer will have a Goth fetish...

Which brings me to...

As requested by my dear mother:
Here we have a re-enactment of what it might have looked like to a hapless ultra-sound technician stumbling upon me fixing my hose.

(Okay, so maybe it doesn't really qualify as Lolita, but "Goth" by itself isn't heard much in Japan.)

(When you think about it, that says something about Japan.)
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