Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Dem bones

Some people came to school today with an ultrasound machine to test bone density. I tested at 94.4% of average for my age, or the equivalent of someone aged 51. ^_^; It was still in the "healthy" zone, though I was advised to exercise more.

When I compared with the teacher next to me, hers was in the "warning" zone. She was quite embarrassed. She told me, "At least you have the excuse that you're vegetarian. I don't have an excuse." (She immediately ran out and bought a carton of milk to drink.)

The funny part of the exam resulted from the fact that I had worn hose to school. (I was dressed all in black...long story...and was told I looked very "Goth-Lolita.") I had to take the hose off to use the ultrasound machine, so I did so in an adjoining room. After my exam, I went into the adjoining room to put the hose back on. The doctor?technician? running the ultrasound must have forgotten I was in there, because he opened the door while I was still adjusting my skirt. He jumped back as if he had been electrocuted and scurried away. <snicker> It's not as if he could have seen anything interesting at that point, anyway.
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