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Death and student teachers

The first and second year students have started their final exams. This means I have relatively little to do for the week. Someone who has even less to do is the exchange student, who literally just shows up, sits in the library for the two hours her classmates are testing, then goes home. I took her some books and magazines about Japan, and Kyoto in particular, so she could flip through and see if there's anything she'd like to do.

She doesn't have many people to interact with in town. There are two exchange students from Hawaii attending other schools, but they're both boys. Her host family speaks a little English, but not much. Once her Japanese level gets to the point where she can interact more with her classmates, I'm sure she won't feel so secluded.

I was reading at my desk after school when the teachers next to me started talking about Harry Potter. They asked if I had read the latest book. When I said I had, my team teacher asked me what happened in it. She said she had read up through #4, but the thickness of #5 intimidated her, so she had barely started it. I asked her if she really wanted spoilers, and she assured me she did, so I told her.

When she heard it involved character death, she said, "Thank you! You have convinced me to read it."

...I wonder if she meant that the way it sounded...

I received a memo on my desk that there will be three student teachers in the English department for a few weeks in October. (Japanese teachers only have about 2-3 weeks of student teaching. I find this amazing.) I've seen a number of student teachers before, but they've always been in different departments. It will be interesting to work with them (assuming they have any classes with me).

I tried the nori/tofu/cheese dumpling recipe for supper tonight. It made two dozen dumplings. It took me forever (=1 1/2 hours) to finish rolling and cooking them all, and the process dirtied a bizillion (=5) dishes. Most of them exploded while frying, oozing cheese out into the oil. (The fried cheese was good, though.) They were decent on their own, if a little on the fishy-tasting side of bland, but they went really well with tartar sauce. I think if I ever try this combination again, I will just scramble all the ingredients together in a frying pan and cook it like an omelet...or maybe bake it like a casserole...since I don't particularly care whether it looks like authentic fried oysters.
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