Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Fun with advertising

Since I will be teaching Japanese to the exchange student this year, I decided I needed to get some reference books. There was nothing for it but to pay a visit to Kinokuniya. Ah, the hardship. ^_~

On the way, I snapped some pictures of the advertising for various products.

In the upper left of the picture is the poster advertising McDonald's fall special burgers, the Moon Viewing Burger and the Cheese Moon Viewing Burger. Having moon viewing parties to watch the full moon in late summer has long (i.e. for centuries) been a Japanese tradition. Also, by Japanese notions of color, the moon is considered to be yellow (just as the sun is considered to be red, as on the Japanese flag). Thus, whereas the yellow of an egg tends to remind Americans of the sun, as in sunny-side up, in Japan it is a symbol of the moon. At a restaurant, something with "moon viewing" in the name will more than likely have an egg in it. This is true of the Moon Viewing Burger, as you can see in the poster. In addition, according to Japanese mythology, there is not a Man in the Moon, but a Rabbit on the Moon. That's why there are rabbits all over the poster.

In the upper right is a poster from a restaurant called Mos Burger advertising their latest concoction, the Tandoori Chicken Burger. This particular "burger" is garnished with vegetable dip and marinated white asparagus. This special burger is replacing their previous ethnic mix, the Nan Taco.

In the lower right is a can of milk tea. It may be hard to read the writing on the can at this reduced size, but it says, "This is special blend tea for sensitive people and make a fantastic story. Welcome to Tea paradise."

Finally, in the lower left is a package of cream cheese seen at the food import store. "Safe, Clean & Tasty!" That's certainly what I look for in my cream cheese.

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