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Only two days in, and I'm ready for the weekend

Last night I was called by a newspaper person polling voters for the upcoming election. It should have tipped her off when I answered the phone with "Hello?" (rather than the Japanese Moshi moshi?)...but no. She went on to tell me about the poll and asked if I was a registered voter. My hesitent requests for repetition (since it took me a couple tries to figure out what she was talking about--"registered voter" isn't really among my vocabulary words) didn't daunt her either. Finally I apologized and said flat out that I'm not Japanese.

Today I brought some of my books on Japanese idioms and slang to show to one of the other teachers assigned to give classes to the exchange student. (Two of the teachers are sharing an introductory textbook for their classes with her, and one will be teaching her how to write kanji, so the fourth decided she should concentrate more on culture.)

One of the books I brought was Japanese Street Slang. I warned the teacher that it contained words that she would probably consider inappropriate, but her eyes lit up and she said she wanted to read it.

Shortly thereafter, she opened the book to a random page and burst out laughing that the first item listed was okama. <snicker>

I was rather surprised when, after classes were over, two students dropped by the teachers' room and started chatting with me. They announced that they had a bunch of free time on their hands, so they were just hanging out. They wound up talking with me (mostly in English, even) for the better part of an hour.

One amusing bit from this discussion was when we were talking about how I don't eat meat, but I had watched animals (chickens in particular) being butchered before. One of the students was like, ewwww. She declared, "I like meat, but not kill. Peace. ...Peace and meat." (I just about died from the "Peace and Meat" slogan.)

After I got home, I worked on the rest of the cosmetic changes to my home page. Maybe it's a bit on the gaudy side...but once I started playing with decorations, I couldn't stop myself. ^_^;
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