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Amparo Bertram

Ear, rear, what's the difference?

Today I uploaded Lesson 14. Only one more to go!

I attended the Minna no Salon, which was a workshop given by a lady who moved here from El Salvador. She showed a Japanese documentary video about the country, and while it was playing, she brewed up some El Salvadoran coffee. She made some strong and some weak with cinnamon in it. The smell of the cinnamon was wonderful, but those cups were all taken by the time I got to the table, so I didn't actually get to drink any.

One of the snacks served with the coffee was an El Salvadoran tortilla. It wasn't at all like either the Mexican-style tortilla or the Spanish-style tortilla. It was made out of corn flour, but instead of being thin and flat, it was thick and chewy. It was rather like a dense pancake.

During the video, I acted as an interpreter for a lady from Egypt who could understand English but not Japanese. She seemed very interested. I was quite amused, however, when the video showed the remains of a Mayan pyramid. She stared at it and said, "You call THAT a pyramid?!" <g>

After the video and the food, the lady running the workshop went over some simple Spanish words, such as numbers, greetings, and body parts. When she got to the Spanish word for "ear," oído, a number of people in the room started snickering. It seems that is a colloquial term for "rear end" in Japanese.
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