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Amparo Bertram

Preparing for fall semester

I went over my schedule today and got a general idea of what I'm in for. Of course, I won't know what the classes are like until I actually teach them, but I can start preparing. I'm only working with the students in the English track, of which there are roughly forty per grade (10th, 11th, and 12th). For each class, however, the students are broken sort of in half and go to separate rooms to take different lessons, so I'll only be teaching anywhere from 10-25 students at any given time.

My overall schedule looks like this:

Monday: 4 classes + English club
Tuesday: 2 classes
Wednesday: 3 classes
Thursday: 5 classes + English club
Friday: 5 classes + counseling exchange student from Hawaii

I will have one class Wednesday afternoon, but the rest don't begin until Thursday. I'll be starting off with a lot of self-introduction games.

This afternoon I had a brief meeting with the mayor, the superintendent, and a number of other people in charge of the international relations programs. The mayor, who was quite interested in my name, brought up the Da Vinci Code due to the religious connection (Maria). It was interesting to hear an opinion about the book from someone who doesn't have any kind of Christian background. He commented, "As far as we're concerned, Jesus is just a regular person."

During the meeting, I managed to stumble through the required short speech. Afterward, the superintendent quizzed me about what kinds of vegetables I like so he could bring me some from his garden. That was really thoughtful.
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