Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Quick update

wednesday_10_00 has to work today, so I have possession of the apartment (and the kitty) for the time being.

I am currently stealing time on her computer. I tried for about an hour to connect my computer to her internet, which I have done on previous visits, but it just wouldn't work. (The little connection icon insisted the hardware was connected, but the software couldn't actually connect to anything.) I had intended to upload Lesson 13, which I managed to finish writing, but I guess I'll have to put it off until I get home.

3:30pm Update: I just tried it again, and it worked this time. Not that I did anything different...maybe Umich was down when I was trying before, and that's why I couldn't connect? Anyway, I finally uploaded Lesson 13.

Friday and Saturday we went to Comiket. Friday was reasonably nice, with cooler-than-usual weather and only a few things we needed to buy. Saturday, however, was exhausting. Not only was it about three times as crowded, there were TONS of tables we needed to check out. On top of it all, there was a fireworks festival scheduled for that very same afternoon, which would cause closed streets and traffic jams, so most of the dealers folded up shop and left as much as three hours early. We tried to be as efficient as possible, but even so, many of the dealers we wanted to visit had already packed up and left before we managed to get to their tables. (Don't leave yet! We want to give you money! <sob>) Still, we made many good purchases.

We were quite tired by the time we got back. We spent pretty much all day Sunday reading and recovering.
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