Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Today, my brother and his friend came back from a several week vacation in Europe. They were wined and dined, encountered a dog that looked just like Scooby Doo, and obtained photographic evidence explaining why graffiti is an Italian word. Many pearls of wisdom spilled from their lips...though it was mainly all about the stink. ^_^; Read the following at your own risk; it contains some adult language.

Cockfosters. Australian for queer.

I got tired somewhere around Rome. That was one culture too many.

See that guy? I totally just pissed on his shoe.

Not a single city respected the right angle.

You walk through an alley you have to go sideways to get don't expect the other side to be a parking lot.

...mouthful of legs spewing out...

Everybody did David. He killed Goliath in all of them. He was naked in some. ...Jacob realized they didn't have clothes back then.

Everyone can see it Rosette. Look at it. A whole lotta Rosetting going on.

Aw, we're gonna have to tell stories about all these fucking places.

This film is rated G-string.

This is our last, best chance to get kicked out of this country.

You complain about stanky bathrooms, you don't get to see cool pigeon.

It had the taste and consistency of toothpaste.
--They mint their peas.

At first you figure "I'll judge by the sun," then you realize it's fucking cloudy in Europe.

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